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Why life at Meridian is the perfect fit for your family

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Finding and purchasing the perfect family home is an important milestone. With plenty of factors influencing your decision, such as proximity to essential services like retail, education and transport corridors, it can be hard to find the right place. 

Read on to learn the many reasons why life in Melbourne’s south-east is the right choice for you and your family.

Why life in Melbourne’s south-east is right for you

Home to some of the largest amenities in Melbourne, the south-east is a popular choice for families that want a secure, connected lifestyle. Some of the biggest drawcards within 20 minutes of Meridian include Westfield Fountain Gate, Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens and Casey Fields. 

With connectivity to Greater Melbourne, proximity to nature, strong employment opportunities and established amenities, there’s no doubt that south-east Melbourne is a wonderful place to raise a family. 

Why the City of Casey is a great place to live

Beyond the commitment of purchasing property, finding the right area to live in is the next big decision. With plenty of things to consider, including job and economic prospects, connection to important services, proximity to major highways and public transport, it can be hard to find the perfect place. 

The City of Casey is home to some of the most in-demand suburbs in south-east Melbourne. And for good reason. As per 2021 Census data, the City of Casey is home to over 365,000 residents, with current forecasts indicating the population will reach 390,000 in 2023 and close to 550,000 by 2041With $542 million awarded to the municipality in the 2023/24 budget, there’s no doubt that the region is a safe and secure choice to establish your family’s roots. Importantly, a significant portion of these funds dedicated to the Capital Works Program, which covers upgrades and improvements to roads, recreational, leisure and community spaces, as well as parks and streetscapes. 

When it comes to economic and financial stability,  there are plenty of jobs in the City of Casey. Home to major serving industries, including health and social assistance, retail trade, construction and education and train, the City of Casey is united in its commitment to creating as many jobs as possible. With a clearly laid out Economic Development Strategy, the City of Casey aspires to have one of the most skilled, capable workforces in Melbourne.

With a clear framework in place to diversify the city’s economy, create quality, accessible careers, the stable economic and social future of the region is something worth considering.  

Build your family home 

There are many reasons why building a brand new home in an exciting, established community is a great choice. From customising a home to perfectly suit your lifestyle to potentially reduced stamp duty costs, building a home for your family is one of life’s most rewarding journey’s. 

For more information on the benefits of building a home, check out this blog post. 

Life at Meridian

When it comes to choosing the right suburb in south-east Melbourne, look no further than Meridian estate in Clyde North. Home to spacious parklands, open spaces and pedestrian trails, your family will enjoy a relaxed, outdoor-oriented lifestyle in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Secure your child’s future in a community with over fourteen primary, secondary and specialist schools within a 20km radius. Stay close to the facilities you need to live comfortably, with Meridian Village, Summit Business Park, recreational and medical providers as well as transport corridors all within minutes from home. 

Life at Meridian Clyde North is perfect for families. 

For more information on why thousands of families call our community home, visit our Community Page. 

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