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For the purposes of this website, Brown Property Group includes Greenridge Properties Pty Ltd ACN 129 431 170, its related companies and trusts. This website is operated by Brown Property Group under the domain name (“Website”). The purpose of this website is to provide you with background information on Brown Property Group and The Meridian residential community in Clyde North and to allow you to make contact with Brown Property Group. It may provide you with general information about Brown Property Group’s products and services. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any general information about products and services contained in this Website does not constitute an offer or inducement to enter into any legally binding contract, form part of the terms and conditions of any products and services or constitute financial advice of any description whatsoever.

Content of the Website

The content on this site is either owned by Brown Property Group or Brown Property Group is the licensed user of the copyright in any materials, information, documents, text or plans (“Material”) and may be protected by copyright laws, trademarks, design rights and other intellectual property rights. By accessing this site Brown Property Group is authorising you to use the Material for your private use only and not for any commercial or other purpose. You are not authorised and must not by any means (including but not limited to mechanical, electronic or otherwise) copy, distribute, republish, post or transmit, display or download any Material (“Prohibited Acts”). You must seek the specific written consent of us and/or of the copyright owner as applicable (which consent may be given or withheld or given on terms and conditions) prior to performing any one or more of the Prohibited Acts. Subject to any contribution to the Website we authorise you to make or request from you, you acknowledge that you may not alter, modify or change the Website or the content of any Material in any way. There may be sections of the Website where you are able to give your feedback, ask questions, make comments, give suggestions or generally contribute to the Website. If you choose to contribute to the Website via any of these sections, you acknowledge that the content of any contribution will not be treated as confidential. By contributing any content to the Website via any of these sections you are authorising Brown Property Group to use that content for distribution, exhibition, display, re-use or transformation. You are also authorising Brown Property Group to use any ideas and concepts for any purpose whatsoever and in any manner it sees fit and you assign all your right title and interest in any content contributed by you to the Website. This site does not purport to contain all the information that you may require with respect to acquiring goods, services or rights to the use of Brown Property Group’s technology. Images (including photographs, illustrations, plans or any other images) and descriptions used in the Website are intended to be a visual and descriptive aide only and may show items or inclusions which do not form part of a product or service or right of use. Brown Property Group will endeavour to ensure that all information on this Website is current and correct. Brown Property Group makes no representation or warranty (express or implied) as to the currency, accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information. Your use of this Website, including all Material and data, downloaded or accessed from or via this Website is entirely at your own risk. Before acting on (or refraining from acting) or relying upon any information or material contained in or accessed via this Website, you must make your own enquiries in relation to the relevant goods, services or rights of use (as applicable) and more particularly, obtain independent and specific advice from the appropriate professional advisors. Brown Property Group and its officers, employees, agents and consultants accept no liability whatsoever for loss or damage suffered by you through your access to the Website or caused by any statements, opinions, information or other matters (express or implied) arising out of, contained in or derived from, or for any omissions from the Website save for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

Links to Third Party Websites

This Website may include links to websites operated by unrelated third parties. Any website accessed via this Website is independent of Brown Property Group and Brown Property Group has no control over any content on that website. Brown Property Group does not endorse, accept responsibility for or approve of any content that is included on, or use of, such a website. To the extent permitted by law, Brown Property Group makes no representations or warranty of any nature whatsoever regarding any content (including but not limited to offers to sell or statements and/or opinions relating to goods and services) on a third party website. It is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to ensure that whatever you download from any website (including but not limited to this Website) is free from any virus, worm or any other item of a destructive nature which is communicable via downloading from the internet. Brown Property Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss whatsoever or damage whatsoever or howsoever arising from or through your access to the Website or any third party website accessed via the Website or arising from or caused by any virus, worm or other item of a destructive nature downloaded via your access to the Website or any third party website accessed via the Website.

Application of these Terms of Use

These terms of use, together with the Privacy Statement apply to your use of the Website. If you do not agree with these terms of use you should not continue to access or use the Website. If you proceed beyond the homepage you agree to accept these terms of use. By accepting these terms of use, you are entitled to view and access the material contained in the Website, strictly in accordance with these terms of use. There may be additional terms which govern your use of certain sections of the Website or that expressly apply to a specific product or service accessed via the Website or supplied or provided by Brown Property Group. You should review them wherever they are accessible on this Website. You are bound by both these terms and any application additional terms. These terms of use do not derogate from any additional terms and in the event there is inconsistency between these terms and any additional terms, the provisions of the additional terms will prevail in respect of that section of the Website, product or service accessed via the Website.

Changes to the Website or the Terms of Use

Brown Property Group expressly reserves its rights to change these terms of use, the Website or any material and information, offers, products or services contained in the Website, without notice. Any changes take effect from the time they are first uploaded to the Website. It is your responsibility to print off a copy of these terms of use and review them for any changes since you last accessed the Website. Your continued use of this Website will be considered as your acceptance of these terms of use as amended. We are not liable for and you indemnify us against any claims relating to or arising from any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person arising from in connection with any changes to the Website including but not limited to any changes in any Material and these terms of use.

Access to the Website

Brown Property Group reserves its rights (in its sole and absolute discretion) to refuse or restrict access to or discontinue the Website (or any service or product offered via the Website) in whole or as to any part without notice to you. We are not liable for and you indemnify us against any claims relating to or arising from any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person arising from or in connection with any refusal or restriction of access to or discontinuance of the Website (or any service or product offered via the Website) in whole or in any part, whether or not such refusal, restriction or discontinuance is on account of a deliberate act by Brown Property Group or because of any temporary or permanent fault or defect in the Website.

Your Indemnity

You indemnify Brown Property Group at all times and agree to keep Brown Property Group and its related entities, directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors indemnified to the fullest extent at all times against any claim action demand loss or damages made or incurred by you or any third party arising out of or relating to your conduct, your use of this Website, your use of any third party website accessed via this Website or your breach of any rights of any third parties.


These terms and conditions and any dispute arising under or pursuant to them is governed by the law of Victoria.


Brown Property Group means Greenridge Properties Pty Ltd, Meridian and any associated entities of those companies.

Contract of Sale means a contract for the sale and purchase of a lot at Meridian, the vendor being Meridian.

Meridian means Meridian Clyde Pty Ltd ACN 130 125 030 or any relevant entity associated with or related to Meridian Clyde Pty Ltd selling land at Meridian.

Meridian means the residential development known as Meridian located at 1850 Thompsons Rd, Clyde North 3978.

Meridian Website means

Lot means a residential lot on a plan of subdivision relating to land at Meridian.

Promotion means the “Meridian refer a friend” offer which is the subject of these terms and conditions.

Provider means the entity who issues the gift voucher/card for use like cash in its participating stores (ie. Visa giftcard).

Referral means an introduction by a Referrer to Meridian of a Referred Person pursuant to this Promotion.

Referral Gift means a gift voucher/card from a Provider (ie. VISA giftcard) to the value of $500.00.

Referrer means the natural person who provides the Referred Person’s contact details to Meridian.

Referred Person means the natural person referred to Meridian by the Referrer.

Unconditional means the Contract of Sale is not subject to finance approval or any other condition for the benefit of the Purchaser (other than the condition making the Contract subject to registration of the plan of subdivision).

Operative Terms and Conditions:
1. Eligibility

For the Referrer and Referred Person to be eligible to receive a Referral Gift in connection with the Promotion, the following must be satisfied with respect to the Referrer’s Referral:

  1. The Referrer must complete a Referral Form and hand that completed Referral Form to Meridian at the Meridian Land & Sales Information Centre located on the Corner of Thompsons & Stoneleigh Rd Clyde North 3978
  2. The Referrer must have already entered into an Unconditional Contract of Sale with Meridian or have already completed settlement of a Contract of Sale at the time of completing the Referral Form.
  3. The Referred Person must not have already entered into a Contract of Sale prior to Meridian receiving the Referral Form from the Referrer.
  4. The Referred Person must enter into an unconditional Contract of Sale with Meridian after the date the Referrer delivers a Referral Form to Meridian.
  5. Both the Referrer and the Referred Person must complete and settle their respective Contract of Sale in accordance with its terms.
  6. If there is a dispute as to any of the matters referred to in these terms and conditions, the decision of Meridian is final and binding.

2. Promotion Terms
  1. Subject to any other terms and conditions of this Promotion, a Referrer may enter the Promotion at any time whilst the Meridian Referral Offer is available on the Meridian Website, and on more than one occasion.
  2. Only one Referral Gift will be paid with respect to any one Referred Person.
  3. A Referred Person may be nominated by more than one Referrer, however the Referrer who has submitted a duly completed Referral Form first in time with respect to that Referred Person will be the recipient for the Referral Gift with respect to that Referred Person.
  4. A Referral Gift will be provided to the Referrer and Referred Person only after:
    1. settlement of both respective Contracts of Sale, whichever is the last to occur; and
    2. these terms and conditions are complied with in full.
  5. Upon satisfaction of all terms of these conditions, the Referrer and Referred Person will be notified by Meridian via their nominated email address or by telephone that they are entitled to receive a Referral Gift.
  6. The Referrer and Referred Person will need to attend the Meridian Land & Sales Information Centre to accept delivery of the Referrral Gift.
  7. Where Meridian is unable to contact a Referrer or Referred Person within two (2) months, having made reasonable efforts to contact the relevant recipient, the Referral Gift will be forfeited to Meridian and the relevant recipient will not be entitled to make any claim against Meridian. The relevant recipient indemnifies Meridian against any losses, damages, costs or penalties it may incur as a result of the relevant recipient making a claim against Meridian contrary to the provisions of this clause.
  8. The Referral Gift is subject to these terms and conditions and is not transferrable, nor redeemable for or exchangeable for monetary consideration or as an offset of the Price (or any other moneys due) under a Contract of Sale.
  9. The Referrer and Referred Person acknowledge and agree that the Referral Gift is subject to any additional terms and conditions of the Provider that attach to the Referral Gift.
  10. Meridian is not liable for any lost, stolen or misplaced Referral Gift and is not obliged to re-issue, replace or compensate any person for any such lost, stolen or misplaced Referral Gift.
  11. Meridian is not liable for any act matter or thing, whether or not done by or with the knowledge of the relevant recipient, which voids or cancels a Referral Gift after the Referral Gift has been handed to the relevant recipient.
  12. The validity of the Referral Gift is at the risk of the relevant recipient of a particular Referral Gift as soon as the Referral Gift has been handed to the relevant recipient.
  13. Meridian may change any detail of (including but not limited to, the Provider of the Referral Gift), limit or discontinue, this Promotion at any time without notice.
  14. Nothing in these terms and conditions prevents a Referred Person from becoming a Referrer and receiving a Referral Gift in their capacity as a Referrer.

3. Privacy
  1. By participating in this Promotion, each individual is taken to consent to Meridian:
    1. collecting their personal information and sharing that information with any related entity to Meridian;
    2. using their personal information as contemplated by our Privacy Policy. Please visit to view Meridian’s Privacy Policy.

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