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Discover the benefits of building a new home at Meridian

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The concept of building a brand new home in a new community is an exciting prospect.  This month’s blog explores the many reasons that make purchasing a new home a wise choice. 

Customisation and Personal Touch

We’re all guilty of envisioning our dream home; finding inspiration on Pinterest, screenshotting images of taps, sinks, tiles and everything in between!  And one of the greatest benefits of building your own home is that your personality and preferences can shine through from the get-go. 

Create your perfect floorplan, add in that secluded office nook or secondary entertainment space and reap the benefits of a new construction in a home that’s completely your own.

You can also build a home that suits your family from the get-go, meaning you’ll never outgrow the family home that you love! 

Life at Meridian also brings convenient access to the amenities you need to live comfortably, including schools, transport corridors, retail amenities and more, promising a comfortable lifestyle for the whole family. 

Reduced Stamp Duty

You might be wondering, what is stamp duty? Do I have to pay stamp duty on land in Victoria?

Stamp duty refers to the amount of tax that the Victorian Government charges when you purchase a property. The amount of stamp duty you owe is based on the ‘dutiable value’ of your property. 

New home buyers have access to a great range of grants from the Victorian State Government, including Off-The-Plan Concessions and the Home Buyer Fund. These grants offers potential compensations and reduced cost offers when it comes to home ownership. 

Check out our First Home Buyers guide for everything you need to know when it comes to owning your first home. 

Cost Efficient

With no age-related problems, defects or renovation requirements, new builds deliver the lowest possible running costs from the beginning and fewer worries in the future.  

And whilst one of the common problems with old houses is poor energy efficiency, most modern homes are designed with environmentally friendly features. Think quality double glazing, insulation, windows, the lot! These features can help you save big on bills!

Win win.

Did you know? Right now, you can secure your place at Meridian with just a 5% deposit. 

Register your details today and discover a new perspective on modern living. 

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