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LOT 2823
Area: 180m2
Frontage: 11.53m
Depth: 16m
LOT 3201
Area: 350m2
Frontage: 12.5m
Depth: 28m
LOT 3202
Area: 350m2
Frontage: 12.5m
Depth: 28m
LOT 3304
Area: 440m2
Frontage: 14m
Depth: 31.26m
LOT 3333
Area: 357m2
Frontage: 12.5m
Depth: 28.59m
LOT 3318
Area: 391m2
Frontage: 10.5m
Depth: 28.02m
LOT 3317
Area: 352m2
Frontage: 12.51m
Depth: 28.02m
LOT 3321
Area: 372m2
Frontage: 12.53m
Depth: 29.28m
LOT 3316
Area: 361m2
Frontage: 12.54m
Depth: 28.43m
LOT 3332
Area: 365m2
Frontage: 12.57m
Depth: 28.71m
LOT 3320
Area: 380m2
Frontage: 12.51m
Depth: 30.17m
LOT 3227
Area: 397m2
Frontage: 12.56m
Depth: 31.12m
LOT 3329
Area: 392m2
Frontage: 12.6m
Depth: 30.43m
LOT 3315
Area: 439m2
Frontage: 10.96m
Depth: 28.07m
LOT 3322
Area: 412m2
Frontage: 16.58m
Depth: 28.31m
LOT 3325
Area: 415m2
Frontage: 14.06m
Depth: 29.03m
LOT 3323
Area: 425m2
Frontage: 16.56m
Depth: 28.31m
LOT 3301
Area: 431m2
Frontage: 14.02m
Depth: 30.33m
LOT 3324
Area: 431m2
Frontage: 14.05m
Depth: 30.15m
LOT 3303
Area: 436m2
Frontage: 14.03m
Depth: 30.67m
LOT 3326
Area: 437m2
Frontage: 14.12m
Depth: 30.34m
LOT 3328
Area: 471m2
Frontage: 17.32m
Depth: 24.31m
LOT 3228
Area: 486m2
Frontage: 17.59m
Depth: 31.12m
LOT 3330
Area: 452m2
Frontage: 14.01m
Depth: 32m
LOT 3302
Area: 498m2
Frontage: 20.87m
Depth: 30.33m
LOT 3319
Area: 497m2
Frontage: 14.97m
Depth: 30.62m
LOT 3334
Area: 489m2
Frontage: 11m
Depth: 26.26m
LOT 3327
Area: 484m2
Frontage: 14.71m
Depth: 32.18m
LOT 3331
Area: 499m2
Frontage: 12.56m
Depth: 29.06m
LOT 3305
Area: 534m2
Frontage: 17.45m
Depth: 25.85m

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