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The Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre Opens Its Doors!

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Exciting News, Meridian Residents!

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news for all our families with young children: the brand-new Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre is now open right within our community! This wonderful facility, named “Murrumbek” meaning “belong” in the Bunurong language, offers free, specialised support to families with children aged three years and younger.

More Than Just Services, It’s a Community Haven

The Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre is more than just a service provider; it’s a welcoming and supportive haven for families like ours. Their team of experienced nurses, midwives, and other professionals provides various services to address common challenges and enhance our parenting journeys:

  • Sleep and settling: Struggling with late-night wake-ups or fussy bedtime routines? They offer guidance and support to establish healthy sleep habits for both parents and little ones.
  • Feeding: Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or introducing solids, the team provides personalised advice and support to ensure your child receives the best nourishment.
  • Parent-child relationships: Building strong, loving bonds with your child is crucial. The centre offers guidance on communication, play, and fostering positive interactions.
  • Parent and child health and wellbeing: They can address any concerns you have about your child’s development, health, or your own wellbeing as a parent.

Beyond Services, They Foster Connection and Support

The Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre goes beyond just providing services. They create a warm and inclusive community where Meridian families can:

  • Connect and share: Spend a few hours at the centre to access expert advice, participate in group activities, and connect with other families facing similar joys and challenges.
  • Seek overnight support: In need of some rest and rejuvenation? The centre offers overnight stays for families, providing a safe and supportive environment for parents and children.
  • Access guidance from home: Get expert advice and support from the comfort of your own home through convenient telehealth consultations.

Why This Matters to Our Meridian Community

The early years are critical for a child’s development, and having access to quality support can make a world of difference. The Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre becomes a valuable resource for our community by:

  • Empowering parents: Equipping us with knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the challenges and joys of raising young children.
  • Strengthening families: Fostering healthy parent-child relationships and building a strong support network within our community.
  • Promoting child development: Ensuring children have the best start in life by providing access to expert guidance and support.

Let’s Embrace This Fantastic Resource!

If you’re a Meridian resident with a child aged three years or younger, we encourage you to explore the Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre! You can self-refer to the centre or be referred by your GP or Maternal and Child Health nurse. Visit their website at or call (03) 9594 5200 to learn more.

Remember, raising children is a rewarding yet demanding journey. The Murrumbek Casey Early Parenting Centre is here to support us every step of the way. Let’s make the most of this fantastic resource right within our Meridian community!

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