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Proposed Optus Communications Tower

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Enhancing Connectivity: Proposed Temporary Optus Communications Tower in Clyde North

A neighbouring developer has proposed the installation of a temporary Optus Communications Tower in the St Germain Estate, near the intersection of Ceduna and Thompsons Roads. This development holds the potential to significantly enhance mobile coverage in the community.

To provide you with a visual reference, they have included an image below showcasing the proposed site location.

It’s important to note that the tower is designed to be temporary, with an initial lease agreement of 18 months. Optus remains committed to exploring permanent site options within Clyde North, addressing the long-term communication needs of the community.

The primary objective of the proposed Optus Communications Tower is to improve existing mobile coverage in Clyde North. This enhancement in connectivity is of utmost importance to all of us, as it ensures that all residents can enjoy reliable access to essential telecommunication services.

The tower’s design features a new FEC lattice tower, standing at a height of 18 meters. It will be constructed within a compact lease area measuring 10 x 8 meters, as outlined by the agreement with Optus. Rest assured, measures will be taken to minimize the visual impact and seamlessly integrate the tower into the surrounding environment.

We will share any additional information we receive from St.Germain or OPTUS regarding this temporary communications tower in the future.

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