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Kids On Meridian now open!!

Through exploration, experimentation, problem-solving and play; Kids On Meridian is an Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten that truly provides children with the most nourishing growth and learning experiences. Through their holistic approach of challenge and nurturing, Kids On Meridian is the perfect safe and supportive space for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.  With curated programs that immerses children in the Five Learning Areas outlined in The National Quality Framework; you children will develop not only a lifelong love for learning but a deep understanding of play and respect. With thoughtful and purposeful stimulation, your children will learn to love the value of celebrations; that of multiculturalism, differences, and identity. A sensory-rich environment, Kids On Meridian place a great importance of Visual Language, an enriching model to express and interact in a positive, thoughtful and creative way. Not just focusing on building the strong foundations for children’s educational and mental health, Kids On Meridian promotes and demonstrates a healthy nutritional diet in order to form the necessary building blocks to long lasting, healthy eating patterns. Kids On Meridian is currently open and are currently taking enquiries regarding enrolment. If this exciting new Childcare Centre sounds like a perfect fit for your family, and more importantly, children – be sure to contact the team via email (

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