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There are so many reasons to join our growing community, but don’t take our word for it, hear from some of our residents about why they chose Meridian.

1. When you first started looking at selecting a place to call home, what were you looking for in a new community?

We wanted to purchase a block that had space for a backyard as well as being close to amenities such as shopping centres. Close proximity to services such as a petrol station, childcare, medical clinic, pharmacy and supermarkets was also important. I remember the first time we met Daniel and he took us through the masterplan of the community, we were amazed at what would be appearing soon. Meridian’s master-planned community made us decide that this will be our home. Pretty much as soon as Stage 6 was released, we hopped in our car and we made the deal!

2. Why did Meridian tick all the boxes?
We were sold on the masterplan. We will have everything that we need all near our home. We’ve been to many different estates where the planning is poor, and the amenities are promised but never delivered. We have never doubted our purchase after moving here.
Soon after we moved in, Summit Business Park also had some major retailers that moved in. That definitely cemented that we made the right decision, that other people wanted to be in the area too.

Security, peace of mind and lots of natural spaces. We have felt very welcomed in the area and by our neighbours. The local area has a lot of upcoming development like a Sports Precinct, new schools and the road development projects which are making us happy to call Meridian home! I think Meridian is pandemic proof, all the open spaces in the area kept us going through lockdown and we felt really safe.

3. As a resident how has Meridian changed since you joined the community? What are you most looking forward to in the future?

The amazing work the Brown Property Group team have done (to deliver what was promised) makes every resident want to call Meridian home. The fast development in the area, it felt like we just moved here yesterday. Summit Business Park has a lot of businesses who will be joining the area shortly, such as Fire Rescue Victoria and Ambulance Victoria. This has strengthened our image of Meridian as our home.

4. What is it about living in the City of Casey you are most looking forward to?

The most liveable council in Victoria!

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