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Maximise space in your new home with Melbourne’s leading builders!

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Building a house in Australia is a dream most of us share. 

There’s something incredibly special about choosing your own house design, creating a space you’re proud to call your own, and customising every nook and cranny to suit your needs. 

If you’re considering building a new house, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve teamed up with some of the leading builders across Melbourne to provide some helpful tips to maximise space in your new home! 

Simonds Homes

As a third-generation home builder with over 74 years of experience, Simonds understands what it takes to craft a family sanctuary, where every square metre is tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you’re building a home that’s 15 or 53 squares, there’s tried and tested ways that get the most out of your square footage while taking land size and home orientation into consideration.

Raised ceilings to invite a sense of grandeur, enlarged windows and smart cabinetry design are all a great place to start. For cabinetry, this could mean incorporating large kitchen pot drawers or plenty of floor to ceiling laundry storage for linen, cleaning items and pet supplies. It also pays to think about your lifestyle, not just now but looking ahead at the years to come. This could mean future-proofing your home with a double garage that also acts as a workout space, a study that can be transformed into a guest bedroom at a moment’s notice or dual entry ensuites in the secondary bedrooms for when children get older.

From there, there’s countless interior design tricks that further accentuate the height and space of each room, such as opting for larger 600×600 floor tiles to enhance the sense of space or vertically laid splashback tiles that draw the gaze upward. For double storeys, incorporating semi-cantilevered stairs are an easy way to bring a sense of movement and openness to your entry. Even furniture choices, like opting for a contemporary round dining table over a traditional rectangular option can improve the spatial flow of high-traffic areas like the walkways from your kitchen out to your alfresco or lounge.

When maximising space, it all comes down to your home’s layout, design features and styling – and the Simonds team are ready to help you with every aspect!

Visit the Bellerose 41 and Highbridge 24 by Simonds Homes and at the Meridian Display Village

Mimosa Homes

It’s important to love your space, no matter how big or small! Maximise a smaller space with clever design tricks and thoughtful use of colour. 

Start with a continuous floor throughout to give your home a larger, uninterrupted sense of space. Larger tiles will result in less grout lines, which in turn will make your floor space look and feel bigger. The same concept works with floorboards, with wider boards resulting in less joins. 

Good natural lighting is essential in any space. Large windows or glass doors instead of solid doors will help light to pass through the home. Sliding doors are also a better option compared to hinged doors, as they save space by size. 

Floor-to-ceiling curtains will also accentuate the height of the space. 

Lighter, neutral colours will make your home feel more roomy. Clever use of mirrors and reflective surfaces also go a long way to maximise that open feel.

Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid clutter. Declutter your robes, linen and any storage cupboards to maximise storage space. 

You should also be clever with your storage solutions. Select tall cabinets or bookcases that go all the way to the ceiling, making the most of the available space within your home. 

Steer clear of bulky furniture items, as compact furniture with legs will go a long way to making your home feel less cramped. Side tables in lieu of a coffee table will also assist in opening up a small space. Glass dining or coffee tables are also a great option – it’s almost as if they aren’t there! 

Visit the Mornington 282 and Stanley 284 by Mimosa Homes at the Meridian Display Village

Beachwood Homes

To ensure your new home caters to your current needs as well as your future requirements, such as a growing family or multi-generational living arrangements, choose a builder who offers flexibility and space-saving innovation in its floorplans. 

Well-designed floorplans that include options like European laundries, under-stair storage, study nooks and versatile kitchen configurations can all maximise the available space in your home. 

Smart storage solutions such as draw organisation, pull out bins, and integrated lighting can also help to maximise your space.

The characteristics of your lot, such as size, orientation, and topography, will ultimately influence your home’s design, so collaborating with an expert new home consultant is integral to unlock the full potential of your home. 

Natural light also enhances the sense of space within your home. Consider the orientation of your block and the placement of your floorplan, with a key focus on ensuring ample natural light in your living areas. 

By choosing a builder like Beachwood Homes, known for their flexibility and expert advice, you can truly make a difference in maximising the space within your new home.

Visit the Lorne 38 and Wave 32 by Beachwood Homes at the Meridian Display Village. 

Home Group Victoria  

Maximising space in a new home build is a crucial consideration, as it enhances the functionality and comfort of your living space. 

Consider an open plan design, one that integrates the kitchen, dining, and living areas, providing a seamless and unobstructed flow. This makes your home feel more spacious and welcoming. 

By removing unnecessary walls and adding larger windows or sliding doors, you can create a sense of spaciousness by allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the home. 

High ceilings or raking ceilings can also make a significant difference in maximising your space.

Additionally, consider multi-purpose rooms that can adapt to various needs, such as a home office that can double as a guest bedroom. 

Storage is another key component. Built-in cabinets and shelves can be strategically placed to reduce clutter and keep belongings organised in your kitchen and butlers pantry. 

Walk-in robes with customised shelving systems are a great way to efficiently use space while keeping your wardrobe neatly arranged.

By combining thoughtful design, efficient storage solutions, and enhancing natural light, you can maximise space and enhance the overall liveability of your new build.

Visit the Maryland by Home Group Victoria at the Meridian Display Village

Dennis Family Homes

Transform your kitchen space into a haven of efficiency and style by unlocking the full potential of your pantry! The pantry isn’t just a storage area; it’s the heartbeat of your kitchen, providing easy access to daily essentials and streamlining your cooking routines.

Take a cue from the Balmoral 384 display, which features game-changing open shelving. This simple addition transforms your pantry into an organised paradise, allowing you to easily spot and retrieve your go-to items. Beyond practicality, open shelving offers an opportunity to showcase your cherished kitchen items, such as ceramics, or infuse a touch

of greenery to breathe life into the space.

For a creative and visually appealing approach to maximising pantry space, consider incorporating baskets into your storage strategy. Baskets are a key element that not only enhances the aesthetic of your pantry but also contributes to its functionality. Utilising baskets of different sizes allows you to categorise pantry items neatly, making it a breeze to locate and access what you need. Imagine using a large basket for baking supplies, a medium-sized one for snacks, and smaller ones for seasoning packets or condiments. This method not only maintains order effortlessly but also ensures that nothing gets lost in the depths of a cabinet—an ultimate hack to conceal and organise your pantry clutter. Elevate your kitchen experience with these creative solutions and make the most out of your new home’s space!

Visit the Onyx 242 and Balmoral 384 at the Meridian Display Village

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