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BK’s Learn to Swim is coming soon to Meridian!

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Brown Property Group is excited to announce that Clyde North’s newest neighbours, BK’s Learn to Swim, will soon be open for our residents to enjoy.   

Offering learn-to-swim lessons for children, adults and school groups, BK’s Learn to Swim is a boutique facility with small class numbers, ensuring every swimmer receives the attention and support they need.  

The facility features a 25m swimming pool with 4 lanes, allowing plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the water. 

Lesson plans adhere to Swimming Australia’s renowned GOSwim curriculum, led by industry-trained and accredited swim teachers. The programs and instructors understand how each age develops and how to best nurture children when it comes to understanding water safety. 

The facility will open from January 2023. 

To register your interest or to learn more, please visit here. 

Opening January 2023.  

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